Dr. Chad Listens, Cares, and Gets Results

Dr. Chad is passionate about advocating for his patients to provide them better treatment alternatives. His commitment to patients shines through in every aspect of his professional life.

His patient-focused philosophy guides him to treat each person who walks through his door with the same care he gives to his family. Dr. Chad’s patient-centric principles have garnered him rave reviews on Facebook (4.9/5 stars), WebMD (4.5/5 stars), Instagram, YouTube, and more. Dr. Chad listens thoroughly, cares deeply, and gets results!

Here is what patients have to say.

Video Testimonials

Patient Tisha

Pain patient Tisha talks about the severe chronic migraines that kept her bed-ridden 300 days out of the year. 

“I was a dying person, and he offered some hope, and I grabbed it.” 

Dr. Chad Patient Testimonial: Tisha

Patient Julie

Dr. Chad’s patient, Julie, discusses her osteoarthritis neck pain and the black hole of depression it caused.

“I can tell him I’m depressed, and he’s going to listen to me.”

Dr Chad Patient Testimonial: Julie

Patient Wayne

Wayne talks about the accident that caused his disc rupture and the surgery that made the issue worse. 

“Since coming to Dr. Chad, I haven’t had to be on any pain pills or opioids.”

Dr. Chad Patient Testimonial: Wayne

Patient Quotes

Kayla L., via Facebook

  • “Dr. Chad is a great doctor. He takes time with his patients and really listens to their concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Chad!”

Christie M., via Facebook

  • “I was in a bad car accident, and my back was messed up in my lumbar region. Dr. Chad fixed me right up and my pain is gone. He’s super sweet, goofy, and he pays attention to what you say.”

Dale B., via Facebook

  • “Dr. Chad is always accessible and puts his patients first. If you want to be seen as more than a copay, Dr. Chad is the doctor for you.”

Chasity P., via Facebook

  • “I have incurable bone cancer and lupus. Dr. Chad immediately began working with me to find the optimal medication dosages and combination of treatments that I needed to stay living my best life.”

Debbi K., via Yelp, 5-star Review 

  • “I was in bed daily and unable to function. Dr. Chad help me get off opioids. I am now taking herbal treatments and have a quality of life now.”

Charlene C., via Facebook

  • “I have degenerative disc disease. I briefly saw another doctor and was in pain for months and never went back. I went to Dr. Chad again for a procedure on my right side, and I felt instant relief.”