About Dr. Chad

Dr. Chad Domangue is a nationally recognized neurologist, pain management specialist,  patient advocate, entrepreneur, and speaker from south Louisiana. He is a co-creater of the YNRC Relaxation Shot™ for supplement therapies. 

“I’m a fierce patient advocate. I treat every patient as I would my mom, my brother, my cousin. I’ll sit with you, examine you, review your imaging, and more importantly, I’ll LISTEN to you. I provide every patient with a ‘menu’ of treatment options, and I explain the risks and benefits of each,” said Dr. Chad.

As an Interventional Neurologist and Pain Management Specialist, Dr. Chad has exhaustive training in identifying and administering treatment for conditions that trigger severe and chronic pain and decreased functionality. 

He is double board-certified in Neurology and Pain Management and is board eligible for Clinical Neurophysiology. These distinct credentials allow Dr. Chad to assess and furnish his opinion as both a pain specialist and a neurologist. It displays a tangible demonstration of his deep commitment to providing the best possible care for his patients.

“As a neurologist, I’m a detective that has to figure out what is wrong with your central nervous system, your brain, your spine, your nerves, your spinal cord, your muscles — causing weakness, pain, numbness, headaches,” said Dr. Chad.

Holistic Remedies to Relieve Pain

Following his interactions with thousands of chronic pain patients, he recognized that the choices available for treating the anxiety and stress that accompanies chronic pain are often harmful and ineffective. Therefore, he channeled his energy into creating a safe, natural alternative to treat anxiety’s emotional and physical consequences. 

The result was the YNRC Relaxation Shot™, a drink made from natural ingredients intended to produce calm focus. YNRC, along with medical marijuana reform, reflects Dr. Chad’s commitment to holistic remedies that can relieve suffering and boost the quality of life.

“I practice what I preach. I’m all about a healthy lifestyle. I work out, eat right, and take supplements,” said Dr. Chad.

Patient Focused – What is it like to be Dr. Chad’s patient?

Dr. Chad is a champion for patient health, rights, and well-being. He is patient-focused and treats every person like he would treat a family member. Patient-focused also means he seeks to empathize before diagnosing. Dr. Chad is a passionate listener who offers concrete advice without sugar coating. He understands that pain sufferers know their bodies.

Dr. Chad’s patient-focused philosophy goes beyond prescribing standard drugs that may not work. After all, he refuses to give chemicals to his patients that he would not take himself.

As an Interventional Pain Management Specialist, Dr. Chad witnessed his chronic pain patients’ struggle with anxiety. To alleviate these mental issues, he developed the all-natural YNRC Relaxation Shot® to reduce stress and enhance mental focus.

Dr. Chad is committed to finding relief for his patients and will strive until he finds a treatment plan that works. Every pain therapy course he recommends is backed with state-of-the-art pain management and neurological research.

Dr. Chad Speaks Truth to Power, Challenging the Status Quo

Dr. Chad is unafraid to challenge the status quo in government or the medical community to develop effective treatment choices. He has invested numerous hours researching and training physicians on the most powerful techniques available in interventional pain management.

This deep background allowed Dr. Chad to speak truth to power when he gave expert medical testimony in front of the Louisiana House and Senate Health and Welfare committee. His statements were pivotal in persuading the committee to pass a bill allowing patients to inhale marijuana through a device similar to an asthma inhaler, a much quicker method of delivery. Medical marijuana allows Dr. Chad to treat his patients naturally instead of with highly-addictive opioids.

Dr. Chad Testifies Before LA Lawmakers

Education and Awards

Even in high school, Dr. Chad was speaking truth to power. When he gave this Valedictorian speech 25 years ago, his high school withheld his diploma. Never be afraid to stand up for what’s right! Check out his valedictorian speech video below!

Dr. Chad earned his bachelor’s and medical degrees from Louisiana State University. Following that, he performed his residency at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. He completed a postdoctoral fellowship in advanced procedures in interventional medicine at the University of Kentucky.

In his professional life, Dr. Chad has been honored for his extraordinary work in pain management multiple times over the years, including:

  • 2022 Leading Doctors Readers Favorite – Inside New Orleans Magazine
  • 2019 Best Medical Clinic — Best of Tangi Lifestyles
  •  2019 Best Medical Doctor — Best of Tangi Lifestyles
  •  2018 Best Pain Management Clinic — Daily Star’s Best of  Tangipahoa
  • 2018 Best Pain Management Physician — Best of Covington
  • 2014  New Orleans CityBusiness Health Care Hero
Dr Chad "Keeping it Real" Valedictorian Speech 1995